Day 3 / Waking up feeling hopeless

Every morning, I wake up feeling hopeless. I question myself why I have to live another day again. Why Can’t I stay asleep forever?

In order to get rid of the train of thoughts, I go outside for a run. Only while running, I am not a victim of bad thoughts. I am too tired to think anything. I run until I cannot run any longer…

Then all the dark clouds cover over my head again.

I don’t have any reason to be alive.

I don’t have anything to live for.

I would give up everything what I have if I could disappear now.

These are the thoughts that take over me thought a day.

When I go to bed, I am totally exhausted from getting thought a day.

I wish that I could fall asleep soon and stay asleep as long as possible.

I wake up many times during a night. It is so dark and quiet. It scares me so much.

I am awake but I am too afraid of be alive.

I wait until the sun comes out, then I have to suffer another day again.


One thought on “Day 3 / Waking up feeling hopeless”

  1. I am under the belief that these thoughts remain with you daily (which means you have no recess from this thought pattern.) Can you think of a reason why these thoughts exist? Is there something currently in your every day life which makes you consistently think like this? Have you tried to step back and observe any positive attributes? Just some thoughts for you to consider.

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