Day 368 – Work and character sadness

Wednesday, March 1st 2017

NOOOOOOOO… ;-; A show just killed off one of my favourite characters. I’ll talk about it in the last paragraph.

I slept through my alarm a little, ten minutes passed. It was raining all day, which I don’t mind. My hair gets curly even if I have an umbrella over me, cause just a few drops will make it curl, but I like the rain.

I started with French. Our teacher took so much time talking about the test that we had to rush it. I had to write whatever for a couple of questions, so don’t take twenty minutes next time, teacher; we know how to answer a test question; we’re in 11th grade.

I had psychology, then I ate lunch with Kohai. We talked and went to find a computer so she could proof read her chem laboratory and I would just do some debate research. We went to a lab and the teacher was leaving, so we checked out the library, but it was full, then we checked the student service office, but it was locked, the technology teacher was on guard for lunch so we couldn’t get his computer room… Finally the last option Kohai had was go to a teacher she had in 9th grade and use his laboratory. Finally we got our computers, I did some research and realised how much of jerks we’re going to have to act as for the debate, cause the position given to us is basically encouraging suicide, and we don’t want that of course.

I then had English. I continued on my board game and the rules, roles and overall gameplay is established. I just have to make links to the book and choose the appearance of the board before making it.

I finished my portrait of Newt in art class. I messed up the proportions, but everything else is not that bad. It’s not what I would have liked, but for painting a face with acrylic for the first time, I think I did pretty well.

At home I forgot what I did, then watched X Company. This is where the spoilers come in : THEY KILLED ONE OF MY FAVOURITE AGENTS ARGH. Harry, the innocent, youngest, purest boy, smart with technology, dead. The video kept lagging so I couldn’t properly cry over his death, since it was just a few frames, so instead I’m just mad. I remember crying for him when Tom died and he was so sad, and his glasses that made him look like Harry Potter… Miss him. I think Neil is gonna die next. I mean, he was attached to Tom right before he died, then Harry, so I don’t think they would make him attached to another person and kill them off; it’ll makes him a little annoying. I’m already a bit annoyed with him since he seems like a character built simply to have any of their close friends or potential girlfriends killed to make him more angry about the world and pity him more. I like him, but they’re making him too angry and depressed to the point that’s all he’s becoming.

That’s all for today.

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