Dear Mister Cackle and his pear shaped wife;

For the last few months I have visited the neighborhood coffee shop religiously with my laptop and other anonymous items one carries on his person. I’ve religiously sat in the third section (closest to the rear of that establishment) as to obtain the purest environment with uninterrupted peace. Though this public establishment doesn’t require us to ‘rent’ our seats, every regular and otherwise random straggler has become accustomed to seeing my presence in this exact location of the coffee shop.


At approximately 3:18 P.M. from Monday through Friday, I borrow this space to do some of my work in a friendly, public space that is far enough away from other busied patrons so that I am not confined to the emptied living space in my apartment. The environment has before your presence become a sanctuary of mine for nearly 8 years (and counting.)


Why, Mister Cackle, did you decide to come towards me at around 3:21 P.M. with your pear shaped wife to harass me? In what galaxy did that specific action seem logical to your conscious mind? And pear shaped wife, why on earth were Mister Cackle’s comments worthy of your fictitious laughter? Your discomfort wore on your face as heavy as a ton of bricks. You were too obvious, and to the right observer, they will indeed see through your facade.


Mister Cackle with all of his boisterous, ineligible blabbering is most definitely a sociopath with remnants of a bad childhood written all over his body-language. I fear for you, pear shaped wife. In the very essence of Stockholm-syndrome, you have as well become a fixation of a fueling source for enabling and provoking bad behavior. Of course you probably know no better, and go along with his outbursts and probably even placate the abusive moments in an act of primitive survival with such an active and destructive sociopath. Please discover your inner strength, pear shaped wife, and seek out a credible outside source for assistance to escape this tyranny. If you do return, this time you must accept my help. Do it for yourself, and if there are children involved, do it for them as well. Enabling his bad behavior makes a life-long impression on growing young minds.


Though I feel for miss Stockholm-syndrome, both parties have me shying away from my habitual visit to this establishment. The other public spaces in this city aren’t any sort of refuge from copious amounts of the human condition. Once the weather breaks, I will be personally thankful so that I can once again retain my usual spot which isn’t littered by loud, uncaring locals who have no consideration for silence.  

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I love how the Pear Shaped Wife turned into Miss Stockholm-syndrome. Sociopaths are no joke! I’m sure she was laughing at his every word to keep him happy… I’m sorry that you’re shying away from your spot as a result though… fingers crossed you don’t run into these two again… haha

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