Happy to be here

Today is a good day, I am sober and enjoying a mocktails outside in the fresh air.

I feel proud of myself, tomorrow I will have been 14 weeks sober.  It’s such an achievement.

Self love is a feeling I am beginning to experience.  I am beginning to enjoy being me. Not every day is easy, some days I really struggle.  This time last week I felt drowned out by depression.  But today I feel good and that is what matters. 

Knowing that I hold the key to my own life, wellbeing and happiness is impowering.  Eleminating people who bring negativity and surrounding myself by those who make me feel good is how I need to continue my life.

I no longer feel ashamed of being me, today I feel strong.  I know I can achieve everything I want, I believe in myself.  Life can only get better.

Sure I will have my ups and down, but I know I can reach out for support if need be.

There is a beautiful warm feeling hugging my insides.  Today I am pleased to be alive.


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