March comes in like a lion

Yesterday a bad storm ripped through town. The storm last for 3 hours or so, but we were without power for well over 12 hours. 

The storm picked up so quickly that within 15 minutes of its arrival hail was pounding on all the windows and the roof of my house. I was worried about a possible tornado.  The kids and I huddled in the centeral hallway of the house (the only room that doesn’t have any windows). It sounded like millions of rocks were being thrown at the house. The window was howling. We could hear crashing and banging all around us as we stood there in the dark.

I love thunderstorms, but this one was a little scary. We made it though, intact. The house didn’t get damaged. My porch chairs flew into the yard and are broken. There are tree limbs every where outside. I’m just thankful every one is safe and the power is back on!

One thought on “March comes in like a lion”

  1. Hi, Goddess, I am so thankful to know you and your family and pets are all right. What a storm!!!

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