A Need to be Free

Today felt like a half bottle of red wine splatted over the floor to look like blood.

There was so much emptiness and despair in the room as I myself was feeling. I lay my head down the whole break and lunch time behind the one whom I admired. t was confusing. I felt to puke because I already had four crushes from before. 

“Do I want those traits or do I want to put my finger in those traits?” – Sarah Croce

thx breh

Anyways, I felt this need to kick the bucket to some friend ,whom I should really be friends with, about being disconnected from people and wanting to connect with them again.

I had so many great opportunities to connect with people today but failed to utilize them.

I don’t want to stand out too much to the point of being bullied and I hope that I’m going into the direction that I was destined towards.

I’m afraid that this is all becoming a bit confusing to me. Where’s the fun in being given all the answers when you can learn vital lessons while exploring IT.

I need to communicate now or let’s say WAY MORE. Right now I feel as though my mind is my own silver and gold. Each reply you receive is equaled to how much you mean to me in that specified point in time. I need to tell HER but we’re like those cups tied to string used to communicate in far places. I need to resolve what I did and had with THEM because it’s eating me alive from the inside out. I don’t need pills. I need a soulmate.


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