Petty paranoia

One things that makes me really paranoid is when I text someone and they never reply.

Being busy is not an excuse, it takes a split second to bang out a text.  I hate the feeling it gives me when this happens.  It makes me feel sick.

Have I done something wrong? Why do they think so little of me?  Are they trying to teach me a lesson?  Am I annoying? 

These thoughts torture me.  I simply cannot understand why they don’t respond.  It really frustrates me that I can see that they have read my message.

I know that I cannot control this scenario.  I need to learn not get bothered by this and not take it personally.  Making excuses or reasons why they don’t text back is just a waste of time.

If it’s bringing me this much paranoia then I should stick to ringing people rather than texting.  I am one of those people who always messages back, and my phone never leaves my hand.

I spend too much time on my phone I should probably limit myself then I wouldn’t become so obsessed. 

All I can do is work on myself in order to manage this paranoia.  

3 thoughts on “Petty paranoia”

  1. That is kinda crazy. I text people and sometimes it takes a day or two before they even reply, and I don’t even care. My phone has…. 1 new text message right now from 3+ hours ago that I haven’t replied to or even seen, until just now. A friend invited me over, and I told them I would come, and this new text message basically says “Okay, you can come anytime”

    And here I am about to go to sleep at my own home having never visited them. And tomorrow, they won’t even care.

    I’m really tired and have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow. It’s 1 AM right now. That’s a real life problem, not “wtf this person hasn’t texted me yet from 2 seconds ago.”

  2. I would text them “?”

    Or “did you get my last text?”

    Maybe even “?!???!!!!!!!????” if I was really wondering why they hadn’t replied yet

    But don’t take it seriously if people don’t reply right away. It might be something you have to build tolerance to

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