Seriously President #45 is rapeing my empathic abilities :(

I am highly  Sensitive to people emotions and energy, it’s  a common thing when it comes to my psychic empath gift.  I also sense people who are lying to me and oh good god that son of a bitch is lying through his teeth.   

Lately,   I  having been myself these last few months, im  picking up tons of angry issue from all over the world seriously  I can feel it ,  being an empath is both a blessing and  a fucking curse.

I can’t believe that people of america  voted for this guys,   I know for sure i fucking didn’t  !!!   I am hoping he  get impeached but something  telling me  that wont happening any time sooner.   

Believe me, im  trying to give him  many chances  but what  he is  doing of late is pretty much kills it … the next four years going to be hell for me,  already  been  some  division with  me and  few people in my life because of   Trump;   but it doesnt mean I would let it get to me just  need to turn these horrid situations into something positive.

So  I stop watching the news and reading online news on facebook,  but I do part take in a few discussion,  pretty soon I have to cut back on that as well it is becoming very exhausting and  troublesome of late. 

Anyway, iam going to try to make the best of it until  the next Presidental election and i hope to god Trump doesn’t  get  re- elected .



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