Annoyed and getting impatient

Seriously not sure why my friend has to continue making ppl jealous. Go to 7-11 to wear an old friend with benefits of gers works…so she flirts with everybody there thinking the guy cares. Been sitting in the car for about 10 minutes now while she talking to some random person. And she wonders why i rather not come here anymore. This is why. Didnt even want to leave my house. Wanted to scrapbook my dads funeral and life but had go get pics from walgreens so said ok. Guess lessob learned. Im still depressed and moody about these last couple weeks and she not helping the situation…im tell her just take me home. Better things to do than sit in damn car waiting while she “talks”…maybe i just need quit being so moody…people lose their loved ones all the time and im getting angry and pushing ppl away

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