Day 369 – Cafeteria moment and projects

Thursday, March 2nd 2017


Today was alright. It started snowing again and the temperature dropped drastically, going from a kinda warm spring feel to back at winter.

I started the day with art. We started our watercolour unit, which I’m super excited for! Watercolour is the only painting medium where I feel comfortable using. I’m going to bring my own material tomorrow, since the less expensive stuff she gave us is a little annoying to work with. I need to use my watercolour at some point anyway. Haven’t used it since my exam of last year.

I then had English. We continued reading, but since I was done, I answered the book questions, then we read some texts and discuss.

At lunch I sat with a close friend and Kohai. We talked about school and we planned to go eat at a sushi place during March break.
   There was a group of 12th graders with a ton of balloons. Later we saw another group of people dressed in white with a ton of balloons. We were confused by this and even more confused when someone hooked up their phone to a speaker for music, then they started yelling or singing—not sure which, probably both—with all their balloons up in the air, with some people standing on the tables, next to the door of the cafeteria. My friend and I recorded it a little, but we were mostly wondering about what the heck was going on. It was funny to see a teacher—I think it was the vice principal—trying to get some students off the tables, but giving up later on. Then, the group went to the stage, which is in our cafeteria, and started jumping and chanting “hey”. After that whole ordeal, some people would blow horns on occasion. We talked about how confused we were before leaving for class. 

I went to psychology class and most from the international baccalaureate that missed last class, because of an outing, took pictures of my notes and complimented me on my writing, which I don’t think it’s as pretty as they say, but that was nice.

I finished the day with French. Our teacher took a long time to discuss about things as always, so I was getting more and more impatient to start on our project. I didn’t care much for what she was talking about, since it didn’t really offer any help, nor did it concern me. Kohai was also getting irritated, since she had her head down on her desk.
   We finally got the chromebooks and began researching. Kohai found me a news article about Canada legalizing marijuana in pharmacies, posted only a few minutes before. It’s a an easy article to give your opinion on; I believe it’s great for medical use, so I decided my editorial will be in favour of it.
   One of the people on the other team asked if we wanted to switch positions for debating about decriminalizing assisted suicide, but even though we are against it, we already started and have some solid arguments. Of course, the other side heavily outweighs our side, but we don’t wanna start over and I believe I can offer a good defense with what I have.

At home I watched YouTube for quite a while. I was really exhausted. After that I ate and worked a little on my editorial, mostly just getting some ideas down and an argument out of three. I also worked a little on my debate. Now I’m here, procrastinating a little. I really need to get the work done, since I have to work on my editorial for Tuesday, study English for Tuesday, finish my debate counter arguments for Tuesday and my English project for Thursday. I love projects, but not so much at once. I hate/love that most things are due on the same day, because after that it feels like everything was taken off your shoulders, but it’s just a lot to do at once. I’m gonna try and get the debate out of the way, since it’s the smallest task. Then I’ll finish my editorial, build my English board over the weekend and maybe do some writing for it, and study for my English so I can have my test, and finish the Enligsh board game writing afterwards.

I’m back after some debate writing, and I won’t be able to finish it that much, because I need to know what my other teammate is writing for her argument to help me offer counter arguments. I already know Kohai’s, but not hers, and I’m confused by the link she put down, since it’s in favour of the other team, so I pointed that out, in case she misread our position.
   I’ll get my editorial out of the way, since it’s basically a newspaper article meet essay, and I’m comfortable writing those, then I’ll finish my debate as my teammate finishes hers.

That’s all for today.

UPDATE : I talked to my brother for around an hour about school and such. It’s always nice to have long discussions with him, cause most of the time we don’t talk that much to each other, unless it’s quick “check out this game”.

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