English Group Project Problems

This week has been full of problems in my English 1B class because of the poetry project that is due. I am in a group with my best friend so far in college and an girl in the class. We always have a hard time doing any project work, because we are either annotating the in-class poem or talking about it. We don’t even sit in the same row, which is somewhat weird because it is a game of telephone. Because of these problems breaking up the work in class, I made sure that we all choose a time to meet to break up the duties.

We choose a time and day to meet, which was the next day (my friend and I both had evening classes on that day). I forgot my phone in the dorm, and I didn’t know that the group meeting was cancelled an hour beforehand. So I first got food for me and snacks for the rest of the group, and headed to meet them. I waited for ten minutes and because no one showed up, I went back for my cell phone.

At my dorm, I found my cell phone and checked it for messages. The only messages were from my friend telling me that the other person had a doctor appointment and we weren’t meeting. I was pretty pissed because why didn’t the person saying she could not come to the meeting didn’t tell me and the fact that I was the one driving it and getting the poems. I calmed by class, but made sure that roles were divided and can be done alone.

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