Friday March 3rd

I feel bad today. I am cold and my body aches. My neck is sore. I guess I slept on it funny. 

I am at work, though. This place is a shit show. These kids are out of control. The behavior is ridiculous. This program is not working. I talked to someone during my plan time today that told me that a 6th grade math teacher tried to give notice and they told him just to leave right then. No two weeks. I guess that answers the question as to what I will do about that. I will not tell them until after I have gone for the day on my last day. This place is crazy. So crazy. I am going to just survive these last 2 class periods. It’s kind of hard that I have so much time in between the morning and afternoon. It gives me lots of time to build up dread for the classes. It’s 1:44 now and I get the next class at 2:15, and I am sick with dread for them coming in. They are ridiculous out of control. I am thinking I will work all next week and that will be it for me. I cannot think of a single reason to stay here other than the steady paycheck. I have to be getting close to having all the stuff complete for the state. I need that paper from FCPS for sure. I need the transcripts for DOE. I need the UK transcript for the state and that DASA workshop to show up on my account, and I need them to change my application to initial from professional. I will be so happy when I get through all that shit. I know I could possibly teach 20 more years- maybe if I get a cushy job. No matter what, I can’t stay in this place that is so volatile and so unstable. what if I work 5 years and they walk in one day and fire me? I would have wasted 5 years paying into a retirement. I need to get to the final destination now. If I start hating it here for whatever reason, I can always move upstate and still be in New York. 

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