I’m officially a member of the National Honor Society now.

This evening I walked to the induction ceremony at my school with my dad. It wasn’t too bad, although it was freezing in the school, and I was shivering. But it felt great to sit in the auditorium and feel a little bit accomplished, even though getting into the NHS isn’t that big of a deal anyway. I just felt sort of proud of myself.

I wore black pants and a white collared shirt. Should’ve gotten a tie, damn it. I was one of the few girls that wasn’t wearing a pretty dress, but whatever.

Stayed afterwards for a glass of slightly watery iced punch, and that was it. Oh, my acquaintance PL asked me why I didn’t annoy our mutual friend JW into applying for NHS, and I said I would have if I’d known he didn’t. Honestly, I was annoyed at JW after hearing from PL that he hadn’t applied. The process takes all of an hour and most of the people who applied were accepted, really. Someone as lazy as PL (who didn’t even bother formatting the sample recommendation email before he sent it to our English teacher) even applied–JW does not have an excuse. Jesus. I did ask PL why he thought I would have been able to get JW to listen to me though. He didn’t really have a good answer other than that I talk to JW and JW supposedly wouldn’t have listened to anyone else.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about all of the volunteering opportunities the NHS can tell us about. I really just want to volunteer to help people, to take part in service, to feel that tired pride in being useful.

It’s weird, this new save feature. It posts things before I even finish writing them. Jesus.

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