.at first there was hate inside of me

.than the anxiety came to play

.the fear is just have a whole big room in my mind

.everything comes and goes?

.it doesn’t


.i’m going insane

.this big world is pressuring me

.people are annoying


.i hear lies everyday

.it doesn’t suit people


.fake smiles, fake laughs, fake everyone


.the world is fading for me

.my mind became polluted 2 years ago

.depression, light social phobia and anxiety

.they are welcome in my head

.they come to play every month

.great life, huh?


.you say: – “best years of your life, kiddo

.”bullshit“, – that’s my answer

.why you have to lie if i know the truth anyway?


.не знаю

.хорошо это или плохо

.меня не волнует уже ничего

.хочется просто перестать дышать

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