My student taught me.

My student taught me.

A few days ago, one of my students told me that he was saved this weekend. Another overhead and panicked, saying “OMG what happened?!” The first kid simply responded, “God saved me.”

I love that so much. That as a teenager in high school, he can have the strength to choose to have faith and jump straight in. He told us about it being the best weekend of his life – that he felt so good knowing he had accepted God in his heart. He was glad to have gained new knowledge at a weekend youth camp and now was able to choose his religion on his own and not on the beliefs of his parents. He looked so happy and so refreshed, it was so good to see him like this. His new motto? Give it up to God – what he wants will come. Incredible.

Maybe one day, I’ll have the same strength as my student. Maybe I’ll be able to make peace with my mind and surrender to what will come. Maybe that means finding a new relationship with God or maybe something else entirely. All I know is, I want that. I want that faith, strength, confidence, and comfort.

Tomorrow’s a new day. One step closer.

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  1. Face your fears head on and you’ll see just how strong you are. You already have the strength to face anything. You just have to find it out for yourself that you already can. No god can give you anything you already have. All it can is inspire.

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