New Member – Rambling Introduction

I’m 30 years old, university educated, married and had a very successful life before the rapid onset of a chronic illness changed everything. Now I fight not to regain the life or success that I had, but just an increasing semblance of normality. 

I suppose like many men, I have never been one a big proponent of writing about my feelings, especially in a public forum. However, for the first point in my life I feel an in-depth period of self reflection will benefit me, as I am dealing with numerous challenging obstacles in life that I am battling to overcome. With the serious nature of my disease, my health is clearly my primary battle, but unfortunately life is complicated and becoming ill has quickly created issues in my life where none previously existed.  Some of the adversity that I have gone through has had a beneficial impact, but most of the adversity has created a climate which has directly challenged my desire to continue living and fight for my dreams.  That being said, these are all obstacles that I’m fighting to overcome and I will continue to fight to accomplish both the minor and major goals that I have set out for myself. I have too many people counting on me to fail and let this disease define me, or worse yet defeat me. 

This is kind of a rambling first journal entry/introduction, I’ll try and aim for a more coherent structure moving forward. No promises though.  

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