Woke up around 10. I was pissed off. I stayed in bed for some time, then quickly showered and got dressed. Went to the doctor to get a note for school and those things. Studied English.
Went to town with Mum, Dad and sis for lunch. We ate at this old restaurant. The venue was old anyway. The food was fine and the soap in the bathroom smelt good. That’s really what matters.

Studied French. Made puff pastry baskets with panna cotta and berry jam. They were alright. Headed to tutoring at a quarter to four. I was there for 2 hours. When we were just about to finish, this boy came round for his lesson. First of all, he smelt fresh and sooo good. I had known him from before. His hair is red and he was wearing all black clothes. He seemed very keen on the dog. How can such a beautiful-smelling creature like something as disgusting as that stinky dog?

Riding my bicycle home, my huge, long cardigan got into my back wheel, so I had to get it out. That caused the chain to fall out so I had to fix it.

At home, I helped with cleaning for the guests who were about to come round. Then I ate and went to watch videos. Mum and Dad, and the guests watched Back to the Future.

Did my eyeliner for no reason, had pizza, washed my face, brushed my teeth, depilated my legs, and went to bed.

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