Complete conjecture

How much do you think the media lies to us? Well, it isn’t neccasarily lying if it just doesn’t focus on all important things, and mainly unimportant topics. But media is a business. It is based on the people who make use of their services. So who is really behind the media? 

Isn’t it the people who don’t want to see the real important stuff? Isn’t it entirely possible that people just don’t want to understand? I could understand that thought. If you are emotional in nature, then all you wanto to have is security and happiness. In whatever form that takes for you.

But I am not an emotional person by nature. I don’t understand why that famous person is more important than the latest scientific discovery. I don’t get why the news of a cat being saved from a tree is better news than a new charity being set up.

Dear reader, please enlighten me.
What’s so great about the seemingly importance of a social rockstar over that guy who gave away all his lotery winnings to charity? Why isn’t there a wall of fame of the great selfless helpers? Only if you are considered wise you are put on a pedestral. So how come people who can simply sing or dance a certain way are put up so high in society?

There is a whole world out there that I have yet to understand. help me understand.

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