Day 370 – Headache

Friday, March 3rd 2017

Today was long. I started off with English. I finished my book questions and after discussing literary elements, I did a little plan for my board game text.

Art carried and I took more than an hour trying to draw the front view of a character in the style I’m developing. I can do side view really nicely, but front I’m still trying to figure out the appearance.

At lunch I sat with close friends and we talked about school and other things. We also tried planning when we’ll eat sushi during March break, which carried over to the rest of the day.

French came along and we worked on our editorial. I finished my plan.

I ended the day with psychology and we got our test back. I was really nervous, but extremely relived when I saw I got a 4. 

At home I watched YouTube until supper cause of how exhausted I was, then I ate 6 slices of pizza, cause I like pizza, then worked on my editorial and filling my inventory for the map wipe. 

A huge fight broke out between one of the owners and a moderator. Although the moderator was in the wrong, the owner reacted badly. She apologised and wished she acted a little better, but the other kept giving her attitude. She got fed up with him and kicked him off. The moderator told me goodbye and I told him if he can, resolve their problems not as staff members, but as people. He didn’t respond, so I just said if he doesn’t speak to me again, that life treats him well. He said “Yeah, you too.” Which seems passive aggressive, but I can feel something inside him that it didn’t mean to.

I have a headache cause of the amount of work and the fight made me write today’s entry very vaguely, so sorry. I’m also a bit sad about the fight. He’s got some attitude, but he’s also struggling with problems, so I’m sad to see him leave. I hate seeing two friends fight. It’s the worse to see two people fall apart badly. Makes me cry and it’s just making my headache worse. I’ll get over it eventually though…

I’m gonna cut off Megg’s convo short tonight. I need some sleep.

That’s all for today.

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  1. “Headache”, at least that beats “Tired”

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