Day 4 – 30 Days of Scripture Daniel 3:1-30

Today’s scripture is intense. There’s fire and dancing and a white-hot furnace.  Serious business!  It was a long reading with a powerful message about faith and trust in our God even if it means our end on earth.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego have such a deep trust, they have no fear of the King, his statue or even his threat of death in the furnace.  They happily dance in the flames, sing and know they are protected because of the God they worship. 

So often we get wrapped up in our life on Earth, I sure do, and forget it is only a short time here and an eternity in our next life. I’ve worshiped a lot of kings, false hopes and statues hoping they will bring me peace; but in the end I am always reminded none of these are forever and will not protect me when I leave this Earth. 

This scritpure reminds me of my core values, my commitment to myself and my faith until the end. I will go forward from today remembering this lesson and avoid falling to the ground and worshipping any golden statues that are only Earth-bound. But if I do, I know God will remain waiting there for me.

I realized today; drinking this increased amount of water, the need to use the bathroom doesn’t happen slowly or gradually.  It arrives as ‘bam, I gotta go NOW!’  Which is fine when I’m home, but very uncool when I’m in the middle of a yoga class or miles away from home on a walk. 😳

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