Every 5 weeks….

Things have been going good with my daughter. She is seeking out her help she needs to heal and move on in life. I guide, but do not push. After all she and my grandson have been through, all the abuse, and such..its best to guide. It seems every 5 weeks, she wants to have a pitty party and just crash. This week it happened. She gets on such a sugar high, yes, sugar high, and then she just goes silly. I know she is 34 years old, but in her case it is merely to take away all the pain.

I get it!! I really do.

If I push, she pulls away. It has taken me, almost 3 years to get her to trust all of us in her family. She was so scared and so abused when we rescued her. Her ex had her full of medications,(not hers) she did not know of….along with the beatings and locking her up.

I see that spark in her eyes and so does her son. He is now 10 years old and a very happy boy now. I am sure down the road he might need to just talk to someone and that is ok with me.

This wee with my mom, she seemed so pissed off about something. I dare not ask! Usually its me….she forgets she asks me to do things for her and when I do…she gets mad. She says things now that really hurt, but I am trying to just brush it all off. I plan to get in and see her doctor soon, to talk about the wee dementia setting in. I just am not sure how to handle it any longer.

I am still so in love with my man, its wonderful. He will be back from his job soon and we plan to spend time together. I have all that to look forward too. At the age of 55, never ever did I think that I would fall in love again, its wonderful really.

My diabetes is doing well, when I am happy…seems to make a difference.  Love is a wonderful drug.

Still not talking to my brother. He has a lot of issues and when he decided to include me in these issues, we stopped talking. He needs to grow up….and stop blaming everyone for his problems. If he does not get his diabetes under control his doctor will pull his licence….I warned him. But, he knows it all….such as life.

Another cold but beautiful sunny day here…time to get moving….

Do take time to enjoy some of your day….

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