Knock knock

Well I am up turro came thru this morning pounding on the door grilled me about her I said she had called a couple of times and I had answered once she said you want to wipe the slate clean yet it ain’t clean then she went thru the whole place obviously looking for her guess it was cause I was sleeping when she got here I miss my girl so much I hope she knows that I hope she knows I love her with all of my heart that is why this price is so steep yet worth it she is out to catch me and fry me fucked myself on seeing my siblings though with my things I told her she says that mom dad and uncle bill are not trustworthy and that maybe I need to cut ties because these people obviously are not interested in my successful reintegration she is not good she is just out to get me I have to watch my p and q around her I hate that this is the way it is I am so lonely and bored guess it is time to eat the video games

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