Today, as I was in Ross waiting for my mom to finishing shopping, I was looking in the picture frames because I have already looked at the clothes section that my mom wanted me to look at (I picked out two shirts to make her somewhat happy at me for caring about what I wear). I saw a picture frame that I liked, and so I bought it for my dorm because I haven’t seen my close high school friends since graduation.

When I got home from the shopping trip that was also the food trip for the week (the only reason I went because my mom, not me, could legally buy my dad’s present for his birthday), I went on my best friend’s Instagram so I can get a picture for the frame. The reason why I wanted one was because all my friends aren’t at my university and I miss them. I don’t want to forget them, so I am getting all the pictures and putting them in a notebook, so they are there to remind me of my childhood.

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