The days are short

Lately I feel pulled in too many different directions. All too often I find myself working extra shifts at work to pick up other’s slack. At home I feel like I’m the only one who cleans and I have to pull teeth to get any help. Also, Snoochie… she’s constantly bugging me for stuff and as soon as she gets it she’s asking me for the next big thing.

Then there is Rascal. He is 7 weeks old now. He’s not 100% potty trained. He needs constant attention. He is stubborn and has trouble learning the word “no.” The Man absolutely adores him, but every one else isn’t basking in that new puppy glow… including Snoochie – his owner. I warned her over & over that puppies are a lot of work, but my words did not mean a thing until now. The Man and I have been helping out, but for now we are carrying most of the work load.

So between work, maintaining the house, and driving all over creation to please Miss Snoochie’s every whim I find myself longing for that “me time”. Funny, I almost feel like one of those cranky moms you see on a tv sitcom.

I have this Sunday off. The Man has Sunday off. Finally we have a day off we can share together. We are tentatively planning on a hike – Rascal’s very first hike! Due to Rascal’s young age we will have a lot of restrictions as to what trails we can go on (steep elavation for example is out of the question). A hike is just what I need. Sunshine on my skin and oxygen giving trees to surround me. This is my communion. This is my church. This is where I feel the closest to the Universal. I can not wait!

In truth I don’t mind playing the role over slightly overwhelmed mom. I think it is something I lacked in a distant past version of myself. I find a sense of pride I pay a bill ahead of schedule. 

Sure not every thing is perfect, but I love my life. I’ll keep reaching for those stars!

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  1. Goddess! I am able to write on here again. And you sound so great!! I hope your hike tomorrow will be even more perfect than you can imagine! I hope Rascal will settle down. Great to hear from you!

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