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 Her mind was ablaze. Always running. Always questioning itself. Sleep offered her the freedom she longed for. She wanted to hear birds chirping and the waves crashing upon the shore. But instead she heard the sound of war. The cries of the innocent and the laughs of the wicked. She wanted to find beauty in the world. She wanted to find the good in things and the beauty in love. But that was somewhere buried deep inside of her. She was  unable to access that part of herself. She felt as if she were stranded alone on an island. no one was like her. They couldn’t see the evil. Even within themselves. They were oblivous to the power that they held and that the rules of society contained. They had no idea of the kind of evil within themselves. But she was different. She was more. More than a man and more than a women. Not quite as powerfull as a god and not quite as weak as a man. She was somewhere floating inbetween the realms of two worlds. One foot stuck in each side. She was the anchor. She saught the freedom from her mind. But everytime she thought about death. She knew where she’d go. She would go into the realm of which occupys her mind. She knew she’d experience absouluty no good. She would be evil. The darkness would contain her until she no longer saw a light. and then she’d bring destruction. She always knew she was evil. She grew to like the sound of innocent children crying and no matter how hard she tried she always enjoyed it. But there was enough good in her for her to see clearly.. that she musn’t ever let herself fall in that dark place. She must never think of the power the realm could give her. She must always maintain a blancance between good and evil… She couldn’t let the evil side of her go. It was a part of her. It was like there was two people trapped in the same mind. Unable to escape one another. Always fighting but neither ever winning. She needed to get out of her head. But there was no way out. Death was not an option. Not yet. Not until she is able to control her own thoughts and display her own actions… Life is a constant battle between good and evil. Are you the good or the evil?? or are you neither.??

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