yet again…

Me again.  I really don’t know what to do or think since my father passed but I know one thing…my patience has been completely diminished.  I am getting cranky with those around me…anything people do I get annoyed with.  I don’t want to become that person…and I’m always calling or texting my family because I am paranoid that they are not ok.  I called and text my sister and she wouldn’t answer and her phone is shut off so what do I do?  Called her boyfriend lol…luckily he didn’t mind.  Then my mom went to the hospital last night and I totally freaked and had yet another panic attack…she is fine.  Thank god because I don’t think my sister or me could handle somebody else dying this soon.  I hope these thoughts and feelings stop sometime soon before I totally push everybody away…I know i’m acting like a b*tch but I cant stop.  Like yesterday almost walked a mile to go home because my friend wouldn’t come out of the store and stop flirting and then when she did I acted like an a$$hole.  She can tell how bad I am changing but I cant seem to stop…advice?

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