Day 5 – 30 Days of Scripture Matthew 8:1-3 8:5-13 9:18-31

Today I am taught to trust God with healing. Knowing he has the power to heal and show his unjudged love for us is comforting. He does not choose who he loves or how he heals, he provides for all in our need.

I have experienced a time in my life where I did not want to live, and was faced with the choice of asking for help or a darker resolve. When I reached out, there was immediate help and the path to healing began. Did I feel I should have been cured instantly, like the leper or the blind men? Absolutely not. But I did feel God reach to me and I know he protected me from a fate worse than imaginable.

Sometimes when life is good, I forget he’s there, forget he’s watching and protecting. But I always know if I need him, I can reach out and find my comfort and healing.

I was a very busy little girl today and did not get home until early evening, so I am behind in my water drinking. I am trying my best to get as much in as I can before sleepy time. I did notice I felt quite thirsty when I got home and was happy to have the water waiting for me. Oh, and there’s no emoticon for a glass of water….there’s beer and wine, coffee, milk, a baby bottle, champagne, whiskey, a martini and even something green….but no water.  That’s equally disturbing and disappointing.

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