Day 6/ Wishing to stay asleep forever

Why do I have to get through each day? I feel like I am just getting old slowly and meaninglessly.

I don’t enjoy any moment in my life.

I wake up and wait for a night so I can go sleep each night.

My body is cold from the core. I feel like I am going to faint. I wish I would.

I know nothing is wrong around me. I am the one who is wrong.

Each day I feel worse and worse. I don’t know where the end is.


One thought on “Day 6/ Wishing to stay asleep forever”

  1. Could be your diet that is causing the chemicals in your brain to feel this way? I recommend eating lots of fruits and vegetables, they boost your immune system and make you feel better. Flax seed and kale are awesome.

    Also busy yourself. Sign up for school classes, sign up for a job. Do activities that will force you to keep depression away. If you’re not doing anything in your life, you will feel depressed too because of the puposelessness of it all.

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