I just Left Facebook

I just abandoned all my friends on facebook. I didn’t have one of those accounts with a gazillion strangers either. Nope. I knew em all -well most all, in real life. Many from childhood or my teen years. Almost no one from my 20s. The rest, they’re family and friends that I’ve met over the last few years.  

What I’ve learned from my time on facebook is that familiarity breeds contempt. And the judgment of those in one’s social or familial circle knows no bounds. If you’re happy and excited and you share you’re a braggart who thinks they’re better than everyone. If you’re sad, you’re whiny or depressing. You can’t share relationship upset, or public displays of affection for your partner. Basically, the only genre’ of posts that are sanctioned or protected from backlash or criticism are children’s achievements or pictures (but not too many baby pictures), major life events: new job, marriage, childbirth or death. These are highly approved by a copious amount of “likes”. Sincerity not necessary.       

So, yeah, I’m out.       

Strangely enough, I’m experiencing the impact of “post” communication. By that, I mean after 7 years of daily facebook posting I can’t help but summarize every stupid mundane detail of the day into a cleverly worded sentence or two. I never did this pre-facebook. And now that I have no platform to purge it on, this fact is glaring. And it’s telling too. I became a random thought expressing junky.     

So what’s a thought expressing junky to do, who resents practically every friend or family member who is a “friend” on facebook…? Turn to strangers who may or may not read my stuff. Strangers, who I hold no expectations on for being happy or sad for me. Strangers who I assume will judge me because I don’t expect to be accepted for being myself, the way I expect my family and friends to do because, after 7 years of expressing my thoughts, I just don’t think I can go cold turkey.         


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