I do believe in astrology, mainly because my full horoscope shows my personality in ways that even the myers briggs test can not. For those of you who think their sign does not describe them well, I suggest looking at your moon sign. The month and day you were born in is your sun sign, you will need a natal chart to check your moon, There are many online.

My sun sign is majestic Leo. Royal, elegant, and attention seeking, she is my complete opposite. I do have traces of Leo, but she is always hidden under a darker, reserved personality. My moon sign is Scorpio. Scorpio gets a lot of hate, mainly for being too intimidating and sexual. The Scorpion is reserved, emotional (even if she will never show it) and often walks the extreme side of life. She hates small talk, she wants to climb in your head and know every emotion you are feeling. 

I sometimes wonder if my moon sign is the reason why I am the way I am. I live a sheltered, routine life. I do most things on my own, but there is just not enough room to experience the things I want to. I haven’t met the right people, I guess. A lot of people would kill to have the relaxed life I live. I just want something more.



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