Things I’m Told

So my hubby told me that at my visitation my best friend was trying talk my hubby into telling me let’s go home. I’m thankful she drove 1 and half hours to be there with me and to support me but why bother if a hour into it you wanting to leave. She left her car at my moms. Why would she ask my husband to ask me if we could leave? Its my dad!! There no way I’d leave before it was over. You could have drove your car to funeral home and left when you wanted. Annoys me she wanted me to leave my sister, friends, family, dads friends, etc. But she getting on mynerves a lot lately. Guess losing my dad brought out my hatefulness, angriness, etc and just dont wanna put up with the drama she creates for herself. My patience is over with her. She thinks by dragging me out the house to go store so she can flirt with ppl will cheer me up. Still upset bought my dad and asked if she wanted come over and she said no shes tired. Which ok dont blame her. Im tired too but if u say u going come over and then change ur mind is what annoys me. But guess thats life lol…anyways one of these days…hopefully i sill have posoituve things to write about. Thanks for listening to me again…

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