I think I’m addicted to heartbreak
just another old routine
probably to help me become lean and mean
far away from where I’ve been

I suppose it’s what I can still take
since it’s always been the same
such a familiar game
with none or all to blame

Have I risked too much at stake?
Love’s gone twisted
Faith’s been gradually eroded
Soon I’ll be too jaded

Maybe I’m addicted to heartbreak
at least the ending is predictable
like welcoming the same old trouble
before rising again from the rubble

Still the same old, lone warrior
with a heart covered in battle scars
too proud to knock on doors
carrying on, even with a stagger

Will I be able to put up with another?
Those sweet-nothings start to hurt my ears
No more illusions to convince me, I fear
just burning reality and it’s crystal-clear…


(Jakarta, 22/2/2017 – 1:10 pm)

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