I studied all day for my securities 6 exam. Stocks and bonds and yields, oh my! Today I focused on government bonds and Money Market investment vehicles. I must have studied for 7 hours only to completely draw blanks on the chapter section quiz.

Even though the material is bone dry, I love it. While I read I day dream that one day I’ll have the money one needs to make all these investments. Maybe one day, I’ll even be a “qualified” investor.

I know one thing. I can’t wait until I pass my exams and start working as a financial agent. The idea of helping people reach their financial goals is really exciting. They say if you work in what you love you’ll be successful at it. Well I love money. Not for the crap it buys, all that ends up in a thrift store or the dump but, for the security it brings.

I want to know that if I have to get my car fixed, it’s not at the cost of groceries or paying the electric bill. I want to be able to buy my daughter’s medicine even if there is an insurance gap. I want to be able to take a week off to visit my family or go to a wedding or funeral without creating a week’s pay gap I can’t recover from. I want to be able to always have a home my kids can come home to when they’re grown. Or have a pet that I don’t have to re-home if it gets sick because I can’t afford a vet bill. I want to know that if I don’t have an income for what ever reason, I can still pay my mortgage and eat. 

I’ve been poor. I mean eat food off a plate I just cleaned up from a stranger in the restaurant I worked at poor. Riding public transportation for 6 hours a day to get back and forth to college poor and the drive time is 45 minutes both ways. Stealing the extra roll of toilet paper from the public toilet poor. I was homeless for two years while I was an undergraduate, living off the grace of family or friends who felt sorry for me because I have two kids with a father who can’t help because he was homeless too. And not because we’re losers. We owned a home, but the 2008 crash took more than our house and marriage, it crushed his ego. He gave up. 

As soon as I pass these exams, I’m going to help people achieve what I want most in life, financial security and I’m going to create it for myself and my kids while I do it.




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