Burning Ashes


A few days ago you told me you loved me. A few days ago you told me you’d never leave and that I was the one. A few days later the silence between us grows stronger and the feelings become powerful. They are like a wave that stimulates every feeling in my body until I become numb. You left me standing in the kitchen as you walked effortlessly out the front door. The last image I hold onto is you turning your back on me like you said you never would. I am broken and the bruises paint themselves on my heart like a used up canvas, because that’s how I feel. People take what they want from me and leave. That’s how it always feels, but with you it’s different. You stole a part of myself that I will never get back because when you left, a piece of me remained with you. I’ll never know why our love wasn’t enough for you to stay, nor should I try to figure it out. You are the one who put the hammer to these walls and the damage is too much to repair. I could spend my nights trying to glue the pieces back together, but you did this to us. Not me. I will not wait around for you to decide you regret letting our love burn in the fire and I will not wait around for you decide when it’s okay to be together. You hurt me. No wait you didn’t hurt me, you slaughtered my heart, you crushed it in the palms of your hands after knowing everything i’ve been through. I can’t bring myself to forgive you and although I love you, I hate you for what you did to me. I hope you look back and realize the damage you did to the one person who was always there for you and always cared about you. I hope you look back with tears in your eyes when you no longer see me standing in the middle of those four walls. The walls that we built together, the foundation we cemented together with our own two hands…the place where you and I built our home. I will no longer be there. Nothing but ashes and pieces to our past will remain and when you see them I hope you feel your heart drop into your stomach. We are nothing but ashes that burned from a fire that once lit up the night sky with beauty, but that fire has died and so have we.

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