Every man who steps foot through my door and joins me in the bedroom has a very different story.

From the moment I open the door and set eyes upon my client I begin trying to figure him out.  Many clients will head straight inside the apartment with their heads down without even acknowledging me.   As I close the front door I quickly turn around call out to the client to inform them which bedroom to head into.  

At this point I am uncertain whether they are nervous or just have poor social skills.  I break the ice with a line of small talk.  The nervous ones will quickly thumble around in their pockets and pass over their fee with their hands shaking.  The rude ones will usually demand where the bathroom is or begin to undress which means I have to say “let’s get the paper work out the way” before they begin to take things further.

There are the more seasoned clients who ooze with confidence, you can tell they see working girls regularly.  These are the clients I enjoy. They know how it works and they know their boundaries.  They enter the establishment greet you with a kiss on the cheek, comment on how amazing you look then allow your to lead the way to the bedroom.  

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