Day 6 – 30 Days of Scripture Matthew 14:34-36 15:21-28

Today’s scripture was confusing.  There was the understanding of healing by the touch to Jesus’ cloak, and the healing of all, not just the privileged, but there were dogs and crumbs and demons….it was hard to wrap my head around. 

It did, however, start a great conversation with my family.  Jade was home and Jim was here and we spent a nice bit of time discussing the reading and trying to find the meaning of the words.  We even went to the internet and did some research to help us along. 

With the help of Google, the lesson in the scripture seems to be that God does not decide who he loves, guides or heals based on their stature in the world.  He is for everyone and we are all cared for.  

I enjoyed the reading, but I loved the discussion with my family and finding the meaning together. This is what I take from today. ❤

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