Hang over Sunday

9:03 PM right now and I’m still struggling with hang over lol. I woke up around 11 AM then doing pretty much nothing till now. Except for eating and watching bunch of AWS presentations on Youtube. Just went out twice to get some food. It was raining all day and it really discourage me to do anything active. Feel too lazy to dig into coding today so I took a time to organize wireframes and user flow for the app I want to build to learn building server less application on React and AWS. I took my sketchbook out of my backpack after neglecting it for  awhile and start drawing wireframes for every pages that I need for the application. Also trying to get the API architecture too but not quite sure before I actually learn how it will work with DB. However, doing this makes things much more clear for me to things to focus on and get a plan for developing this app. I’m still very excited for this project but feel little afraid of amount of new technologies I have to learn to get this done lol. It will take time for sure but I will get it done! Not sure tonight tho. Don’t really feel like digging into coding. Maybe a movie and sleep?

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