Love should be happy

One day I will find a man who cares about me as much as he cares about himself.  He wont forget to call me because he’s so busy.  This man will ask me how I am and will care about what I have to say.  The calls won’t only come in the middle of the night when he’s drunk.

He will be independent and will do things for himself.  He won’t lean heavily on me for support, he will want to see me because he enjoys my company.

There will be no hesitation of whether we are an item or not, he will make it clear to the world that we are together.  He will be so proud to have met me.

When I am ready for a relationship I am going to be with a man who knows who he is.  A man who is strong, caring and loving.

The relationship will work both ways, we will compliment each other’s life’s.

I am done with men who keep me guessing.  The ones who are absent unless they are bored or lonely.

I will no longer waste myself on men who do not deserve me.  I deserve to be treated well.

Relationships are supposed to be happy,  if a man makes me feel sad or insecure I will walk away.

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