Have had this horrible dry cough through 2 chemo treatments.  Lungs are clear but I cough my guts out and actually gag frequently.  Tried ginger and honey tea but so far it hasn’t made a dent in this.  That tea was recommended in a newsletter I get from my health care center.  Take 3 times a day for 5 days.  I am on day 3 with 2 more cups to go today.  I am seeing no improvement.  Anybody out there have any remedies I might be able to try?  I have a scan coming up and I’m sure coughing will be an issue.  Help Help Help.  If the ginger tea route doesn’t work once I finish the course I guess I have no choice but to contact my pcp.  Only problem I have no time to get there so I hope I can get them to call in a script.  Don’t want to go to a medical clinic with all that is going on with me. 

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