Obamagate or Trumpgate?

As an independent observer I want to comment on Trump’s most recent tweet alleging that Obama illegally “wire tap” Trump Tower:

  1. I have found it fascinating that after Trump Tweeted his allegation against Obama on Saturday morning (3/4/16);  MNBC & CNN did not have their reporters on Saturday or Sunday night reporting about the allegation; I would have expected some type of reporting during the evening especially from the Democratic party clearly stating that Obama & his administration did not illegally “wire tap” Trump during the election
  2. Why have we not heard or receive any response from Obama himself on any social media platform (like facebook “live”) clearly denying Trump’s allegation-instead we receive written response through his spokesperson; I would think that if the allegation is unfounded/false-this is very important for Obama to set the record straight right away & defend his administration
  3. Interesting to note that as of today we have not heard so far any comments from Clinton coming to Obama’s defense to clearly state that Trump’s allegation are false
  4. Why is the FBI director Comey asking the Department of Justice to deny Trump’s allegation? Why can’t Comey himself make the statement to the public? My understanding is that Comey has publicly commented on past investigations related to Clinton
  5. Fascinating to watch Chris Wallace on Fox interviewing Tom Cotton who clearly stated that so far based on their investigations that the intelligence committee do not have evidence about Trump & Russians Collusion; the interview with Cooney was also revealing because he confirmed that he has not received any evidence regarding Trump & the Russians; you also have the former FBI Director confirming this as well; Why then do the Democrats and the Main Stream Media keep reporting the news about Trump & Russian collusion that there is evidence instead of making it clear that its just speculations on their part
  6. Why was the Democratic Response from an ex-governor from Kentucky to Trump’s Speech when he spoke to both parties on Feb. 28, 2017? Why was the response not from one of the leaders from the Democratic party like Schumer, Pelosi, or their newly elected DNC Rep.? To me this implies that the democratic party does not have a clear leader or a clear message because if you can’t get a current leader to be the spokesperson of your party then this implies weakness and that the party is becoming irrelevant

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