Out on Saturday

Up around 11 AM. Had an apple for a breakfast then Starbucks after to get a laptop charger to Nikita and learning AWS. Digging into Sign in and out this weekend. Trying to set the pages up to learn how things are working together. Still very challenge for me to understand how things are working together but I’m definitely making a progress on this and getting excited. Back home around 2:30 then took a nap for little bit before I go out to Dosung’s. Spent couple hours there to continue to learn AWS Cognito then headed out for dinner in K-town cause we wanted to try the new Chicken place on 6th. My first time trying that type of chicken on the pot. Wasn’t that bad. We had some soju there and ended up drinking more after at the bar called DwitGolMok then club in downtown LA. First time going to the night club in downtown LA. We went to the club called ExchangeLA and actually had a lot of fun. Despite paying $30 per person to get in, we had a blast there and yes got pretty drunk lol. Also, I found myself enjoying the electric music that they were playing in the club. Back home at around 4 AM and had ramen before I go to sleep that I took it from Dosung’s place lol.

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