Song 01: Song from your Childhood

I have decided upon trying some writing prompts to make me reflect more and analyze some true passions of mine.

“Larger than Life” by the Backstreet Boys is one of those songs that I have to pick for this prompt.  It plays on my Pandora right now! I watched the Backstreet Boys documentary “Show ’em what your made of” over the weekend so I have been craving their music. I am a Backstreet Boys girl!!! N’sync did not do it for me lol. AJ and Brian are my favorites- AJ’s energy and Brian’s vocals are life!

Anyways, I could have chosen any Backstreet Boys track from 1996-2002.  I loved all of them and know all the words still. Larger is one of those pump up songs and fan appreciation songs which are my favorite.  Any song that speaks gratitude to the fans is a plus in my book.  The song does speak of how the fans have made their lives hard but it is for the best because we gave them their stardom.  Backstreet had a fan appreciation song on almost every album and I give them a lot of respect for that.  A lot of artists do not do that nowadays and it is a shame.

Backstreet Boys were the first major band/artist that I really listened to growing up.  It makes them a perfect pick for this category.  My mom, sister, and I saw them at the  Garden in Boston for their Black and Blue tour and it was AMAZING! They were small from our seats but the show was really good and energetic.  Makes me happy that at the time I did not know AJ was drinking on stage and getting addicted to drugs because it would have ruined everything.  I know now but I know he recovered and realized how stupid he was acting.

Larger than Life will always be one of those songs from my childhood that I will never get tired of and will always turn up in the car! So much love and respect to the Backstreet Boys. ❤


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