Got up earlier because I had intended to study, but, naturally, I didn’t do it. First class – History, I was supposed to finally take that fucking oral exam, but we had a substitute. It’s uncomfortable when your alarm goes off during class and you apologise but you’re baffled as soon as you see that your entire phone is in French. You never get used to it, really. Thank God that, if there’s any word that I am 100% in the meaning of is “annuler”.

In English class, we wrote a fucking essay. I knew nothing about what I was going to write. I felt exhausted and insecure. Once I had finished the essay that was full of suave and bullshit statements, the teacher read it. She was smiling while reading it. It was a nice thing to see. Of course, as always, there was a “but” following her “Such a marvellous conclusion, my dear!”

This bitch, whose name isn’t even worth the mention, but let’s say it’s Monica – she really does look like a Monica, this bitch got dragged by our class mistress today. So the bitch who had written something very rude and sarcastic about our English teacher the day before and given it to our class mistress as a playful joke got owned. By the class mistress. She said: “Teachers should always be treated with respect. No matter how you feel about them. And quite frankly, if you use your mobile phone during class and put zero effort in trying to understand the subject, there’s nothing I can do about the tragedy you have to go through every time the teacher get’s a bit worked up about you always being clueless in her class.” So Monica keeps rolling her eyes like bowling balls, making her ever-so-terribly-drawn-on eyebrows pop. Well, anything that this asshole does with her eyes makes those brows pop. Even if her face is blank. Hell, her eyebrows even pop when you’re looking at her back. That’s how much of a traumatising experience it is too see them. So she’s pissed and rolling her eyes, and then the class mistress, holding the paper that she had given her the day before, says: “Oh, and by the way, you’re supposed to capitalise the E in the word English.” She deserved it. She really did.

So that was the highlight of my day. And Francis giving me some gummy worms before Physics class. And visiting the florist’s. Tomorrow is gran’s birthday. We got her some cute potted flower or whatever.

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