Day 373 – School

Monday, March 6th 2017

Today was alright. I started with psychology, then had French, where we listened to debates, then I ate lunch with close friends, then went over to art and painted with some watercolour, then had English class where I worked on my board game and finished my debate… And of couuurse I forget my binder there, so I have to go back to school, search for a janitor, can’t find one, but I find one right next to the class, then finally be able studying the little info that I needed before working on my English project some more, building some more on the server and watching X Company. Spoilers, but my gosh so much happened this episode. Aurora got caught, Franz got caught, but then covered himself, or is he actually on the side of the Nazis after all? We dunno, but Aurora is apparently freaking engaged to what might be Sabine’s father? It seems like they’ve had something going on for a while and at the end of the episode as they leave for Germany, she holds his hand and she has a ring on her wedding finger. Okay. I need answers.

Sorry this entry was short. Tired.

That’s all for today.

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