Day 7 – 30 Days of Scripture Matthew 21:18-22 17:14-20 Mark 5:21-43

Matthew is a confusing book.  Everything reads like it is written in riddles.  

The scriptures are still focused on healing and Jesus’ powerful touch. I think it is all pointing to a greater evaluation and deeper look into what we expect and hope from our faith.  We want to believe when we reach out and ask for his help, it will be granted.  These readings enforce our beliefs and show us we are all worthy.  

I feel like this is why there have been so many readings from Matthew regarding healing.  It’s a good thing and I am going to try, for the rest of Lent, to pray soulfully for the healing of others in my life.  I know people prayed for my healing when I needed it; it’s time to pay it forward to the ones I love.

I can’t think much about water today because this evening I burned my hand on a pan handle.  Burns aren’t too bad, but it ached and burned all evening.  My own fault for being careless, or just not having my head in the game… attention to your surroundings Sheila!! 


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