An Annoying Wake Up Call

March 11, 2017

6:00 pm

  I just experienced something pretty weird. It’s something that I have experienced a few times before, but just this afternoon I experienced it a few times right in a row.  I came home from work and crawled into bed just to rest for a bit. Whenever I usually do this, I’m hit with the strange physical disturbances as well as the voices and nine times out of ten, I never get to sleep anyway. But, sometimes I just feel like resting for a bit after work, so I still try.

  This afternoon when I crawled into bed, I wasn’t getting hit as hard with the physical disturbances, at least not as much as usual. But, “they” were doing this stunt where it would almost be seemingly quiet for a few moments and then it was as if I heard a voice speaking quite loudly, not shouting really, but speaking loudly and this voice would be speaking more in my head as opposed to seeming to originate from the outside.  It was just brief phrases and sometimes it was just my name being called by these very present voices. But, as I was trying to rest, it kind of jolted me back into being alert.

  I have experienced this before, but it hasn’t been for a while. As I have mentioned here before about how I most commonly hear these voices in two ways, either coming in over a source of steady background noise, or seeming to get in close to my ear and speaking directly to me.  But, these are not the only ways that I have heard these voices since this situation began for me. I have also heard the voices speaking more internal on occasion, as opposed to speaking from external to me. In other words, I sometimes hear the voices as if their speaking to me right from within my head.

  I experienced this quite a bit back when this situation was at its worse back in the Spring of 2015. Then, I would occasionally experience it again throughout 2016. But, for the most part, with time…hearing the voices in this manner seemed to subside quite a bit and I was primarily hearing them as if the voices were originating external to me. What I experienced this afternoon was hearing the voices in my head again, but rather than hearing them at a steady level, it’s like a voice would just speak something loudly in my head real fast and then disappear, then there would be a few moments of relative calm and another voice would say something.

  This probably happened at least three to four times in quick succession. Since I wasn’t experiencing the physical disturbances quite as bad as I normally would. I have to wonder if they are switching over to a new tactic of disruption. That is what they are all about after all, trying to be disruptive. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if this was an isolated incident or if it was the beginning of a new strategy on their part.

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