Tricksters and their Bag of Tricks

 March, 2017

“You insulted a higher life form”

 That’s what I’ve been hearing the voices saying quite often during the past week or so. I’ve been hearing it the most from the younger female sounding voice that harasses me the most, the voice I’ve come to call “Pippy the Nazi.”  I think that this is the perfect example of what I was writing about in some of my more recent postings here…how these harassing entities will start saying something like this in an attempt to get you thinking about things.

  Usually, they’ll start repeating a phrase like this over and over again, sometimes for a number of weeks. It’s often something aimed at confusing me and trying to get me to think about what it is that they mean by this. Now, they want me to believe that my whole oppression situation is a result of me insulting “higher life forms.”

  In a way, I concede that this may very be true to some degree. I was certainly naïve as hell back when I was doing EVP recordings during the winter of 2015. It’s very possible that I said or did something that could have offended these entities. However, all of that business with doing EVP sessions…that was all two years ago. I’ve been dealing with these harassing entities every day since (though at a far reduced level now compared to how it was) and before the past couple of weeks, they have never said anything to me about this whole situation being the result of me insulting them and them being so offended by it because they are higher life forms. Now, don’t you think that if this was truly the case, they probably would have mentioned something to me about it long before this.

  I mean I’ve heard all sorts of crazy things from these voices, but not until recently have they stated that they are oppressing me because I “insulted higher life forms.” I think that they’ve revealed their trickery here once again. This is all just another one of their psychological mind games, a trick from their bag of tricks. After all of this time, I’m much better at recognizing it now. They may put a new spin on things every once and awhile, but it’s become quite clear to me that they are essentially just recycling through the same old bag of tricks that they’ve always tried to use against me.

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