The Repetition Tactic

March 7, 2017

8:00 am

  When I first opened my eyes this morning, there was that glorious brief moment that I occasionally experience every now and again…I heard no voices. In the fog of just waking up, my mind focused in on the utter silence that surrounded me. It was as if I was recalling a memory that I knew well but just couldn’t place. But, I know that in the past, this silence was something that I experienced quite frequently. But, then I heard a voice and an unfortunate part of my day to day reality caught up with me. It was nice to have that brief reprieve though.

March 10, 2017

  I tried to rest a bit when I got home from work, but I kept feeling the pokes and pinches coming up through the mattress, so it was no good. They’ve been using this tactic again recently. I’ve also been hearing them say “you insulted a higher life form” quite allot recently. They are repeating this phrase several times a day. They do have this “repetition tactic” that they seem to employ quite often. Most of the time, I think they say something with the intention to get me thinking about it. For example, this phrase “you insulted a higher life form.” Now at first this got me thinking back on instances when I may have insulted “higher life forms” that would have brought about this whole situation. But, then I realized that this is exactly what they want me to do. It’s all just more mind games. They’ll try and say something unsettling, something they think will cause me to panic.

  Their tactics are much more obvious to me now, but I do still have to be alert because they are constantly looking for ways to put a new spin on things, something to slip past my mental guard so to speak. But this repetition of particular phrases is a tactic of theirs that I’ve experienced several times before and I’m much more alert to it now.

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