Intrusive Voices & Mind Games

February 19, 2017

  The physical disturbances have been a little more active than usual yesterday and today. I usually don’t feel them that much if I’m moving around. I almost always feel them at night when I’m first trying to sleep (or if I try to go to sleep at any other time of the day). Sometimes during the day as well, I’ll start to feel them randomly and it’s almost always when I’m sitting down. Sometimes I’ll feel them if I’m sitting and reading a book or watching tv. Both yesterday and today this has occurred. Last night I was out on my porch smoking a cigarette when I began to feel a rather strong vibration sensation. This time is was quite strong, it was almost as if I was shaking, though the sensation was localized as usual.  I felt it again this morning as well.

  Aside from that, the voices have been no worse than usual today. I’ve been pretty successful recently at blocking them out, so I often just heard bits and pieces, fragmented phrases, stray words here and there, etc… They are still repeating this “you insulted a higher life form” line of theirs a lot recently. This seems to be the mind game of the month. Last month it was something else, but I don’t even remember. To be honest, I insult them or at least back talk to them at least in my thoughts practically every day. I do have to work on restraining myself better, but sometimes it proves extremely difficult not to give them a piece of my mind when considering they intentionally abuse me with harassing voices and they try and disrupt my sleep practically every night.

  What are they implying by this statement that they are higher life forms? Does this seem to justify to them the abuse that they inflict upon me, since in their estimation then I would be considered a lower life form. Regardless of what they may think of themselves, I consider them to be bullies and oppressors and I refuse to take their bullying in stride merely because they are full of themselves and proclaim themselves as higher life forms to me.

  From all of my time dealing with them, I’m left with the conclusion that they are not rational, or at least not with me. Whether they act this way intentionally or if it is just ingrained in their very nature, I do not know. But at least at this time, this group that have attached themselves to my life seem to always be wearing the mask of a trickster. Perhaps things will change, time will tell.

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