Physical Disturbances After Doing EVP

February 18, 2017

11:30 pm

 I just tried to go to sleep about an hour ago, but it was no good. I was getting hit pretty bad by the physical disturbances caused by these entity attachments. Mostly, I was feeling an intense but localized vibration sensation on my body. This is probably the most common physical disturbance that I feel from these entities. I was also feeling some slight jabs. I had to get out of bed and take a few more doses of sleep aid. These hostile entities mess with my sleep intentionally and it is something that I often find extremely aggravating. I mean, they don’t seem to care that I’m a human being and like all human beings, I need to sleep. They simply don’t care. They mess with my sleep constantly. This is one of the tactics that they use in these attachments situations. It was much worse back when this situation was at its peak, back in April of 2015. This is when I went from having intermittent incidents of hearing these voices to hearing them on a continuous, non-stop basis. At this time, my anxiety level went through the roof and this seemed to have had an effect on the physical disturbances that I was feeling as that time.

  During the month of March (2015) while things were still escalating, I was also occasionally experiencing these intense but localized vibration sensations on my body. I also went through a period where I was having my sleep disrupted at night by feeling what seemed like a finger coming up through the mattress and sharply jabbing me in my lower back. These experiences were certainly strange and I did find them to be quite disturbing at the time, but stranger things were to follow.

  In the beginning of April (2015) when my situation escalated to an extreme level to and the abuse from these intrusive voices became constant, the physical disturbances that I was experiencing increased in intensity as well. At this point, when there were several days when I could do nothing but lay in bed all day and endure the onslaught of the voices, many of these physical sensations went from being an annoyance to being painful and quite unsettling to varying degrees.

  I remember occasions where I would feel sharp stings and bites. I often felt this sensation of something small in size literally digging in to my side. I also at least on one occasion, experienced the feeling of something roughly about the size of a golf ball moving around inside of my body, vibrating as it moved. This was quite a disturbing experience and I am glad that I did not have to endure it that often.

  Often back then and even occasionally now, I would have the feeling that there was something clinging to my back. Most of the physical disturbances that I experienced, I experienced while laying down or sitting. But, this particular sensation of feeling something clinging to my back, I’d often feel while I was moving around as well. I could just feel this slight weight on my back as if something with a form was literally clinging to me. I was experiencing this quite often during the Spring and Summer of 2015. Even today, I still occasionally experience this sensation. Perhaps it literally is the feeling an entity attachment itself.

  Another sensation that I have occasionally felt is the feeling of a slight electric shock. I’ve only had this happen a few times, but just by the timing of when these sensations occurred, I do suspect that this was being cause by these malevolent entities. Also on a few occasions, I’ve experienced my heart rate being sped up by these entities. On one occasion when this happened, it occurred right after I had done something that seemed to anger them. I’ve also seen this increasing of a person’s heart rate as well in other accounts of this situation.  In my own case, this did not seem to be something that they could sustain for very long, but all the same, they do seem to have the capability of doing this.

  So, my brief and disastrous experience with EVP led not only to me developing a condition of hearing intrusive and primarily harassing voices, it also led to these strange experiences of feeling these physical/bodily disturbances on a regular basis. In some accounts that I’ve seen, where people have developed this condition of hearing voices after engaging in some form of spirit communication, the voices are sometimes accompanied by these kinds of physical disturbances. In some cases, they are not. I don’t really know why some people also get hit with physical disturbances and some don’t.

  Perhaps it has something to do with the openness of a person to these kinds of experiences. Perhaps it has something to do with the abilities of these malevolent entities themselves. Perhaps some of them are powerful enough to cause real physical phenomenon, perhaps some of them are not. Perhaps some chose to abuse their targets in this way and some chose not to. What I can say, after experiencing these physical disturbances on an almost day to day basin, is that I am certain without any doubt, that they are intelligently orchestrated and guided.

  When I experience these strange sensations when I am first trying to get to sleep at night, I will experience them in a way and in a manner, that seems intended to intentionally cause me discomfort and annoyance so that I have trouble getting to sleep. The sensations/disturbances don’t cause me any real pain anymore, just aggravation more than anything else. Like so much involving this situation, once some time had passes and I began to get some measure of control over my emotions, the intensity of these physical disturbances subsided to a large degree. Yet in my own case, they still do occur on an almost nightly basis. These malevolent earthbound entities that harass me have proven themselves to be fanatical if nothing else.


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